Only an organization or a professional body that has been authorized by IRCC can do the assessment. They are:


Designated: April 17, 2013


Designated: April 17, 2013


Designated: January 6, 2014

* If your occupation is NOC 3111 or NOC 3112

If your primary occupation is specialist physician (NOC 3111) or general practitioner/family physician (NOC 3112), the Medical Council of Canada must do an ECA for your primary medical diploma.

** If your occupation is NOC 3131

If you need a license to practice, the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada must do your assessment.


Most Canadian immigration candidates choose World Education Services (WES) as their designated ECA organization because they are the fastest and one of the cheapest.

An ECA is valid for a period of 5 years from the date it was issued and must still be valid when you submit your Express Entry profile and application for permanent residence

How much does an ECA cost?

For most, the cost of an ECA is roughly $200 (Canadian Dollars) plus the cost to have it delivered:


The cost of an ECA through the Medical Council of Canada and Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada are higher. You will need to contact the regulatory board for your occupation to find out how much it costs.

Delivery costs depend on how you would like your ECA to be sent, with courier delivery being the most expensive.

The fees for an ECA report and the length of time to get one vary and can change without notice.

To illustrate the process of getting an ECA, we will use WES as our example.