Getting an ECA through World Education Services (WES)

WES needs certain documents in order to complete their assessment. 

The documents required will vary depending on: 

  • the country you obtained your education in; 
  • the type of education, such as secondary (high school) or higher (post-secondary) education;
  • the educational institution you attended; and
  • the level of education you obtained (i.e., Masters, Bachelors)

Step 1. Get your document checklist

Start by finding out what documents you will need to provide on this page.

1. Once there, make sure you select "Canada" as the Equivalency Country.

2. After you have completed all the required fields, you will be able to access your document checklist by clicking on the tiny arrow next to "Your Requirements Checklist".

Step 2. Use the Degree Equivalency Tool

Before creating an account with WES and doing the official assessment, we recommend using their Degree Equivalency Tool, which will give you an idea of what your ECA results might be if you do the assessment.


The results you obtain from WES' Degree Equivalency Tool are not a substitute for the real credential evaluation. You are still required to create an account with WES, pay the fees and complete the official process of getting your credentials evaluated against Canadian standards.

Step 3. Create your account, pay your fees and send in your documents

Once you are ready to move forward with the assessment, you will have to:

  • create your account; and 
  • pay the fees associated with the assessment 

After completing the required steps, you will obtain a WES Reference Number, which is unique to your credential evaluation report. 

You will then have to submit the required documents for your case.

Do not send your original documents to WES unless they have specifically requested them. Anything you send WES becomes their property and cannot be returned.


We strongly recommend sending your documents to WES via courier, and not regular mail. Also, make sure to include your WES Reference Number on all correspondence and envelopes to WES, as neglecting to do so may create unnecessary processing delays.

Step 4. Receive and interpret your ECA report

Once WES has received your documents, they will begin processing your application and notify you when they have completed the assessment (generally within 35 business days). 

You will be able to monitor the progress of your application in your online WES account.

After receiving your WES ECA report, you will be able to accurately determine how many points you can obtain under the CRS and Federal Skilled Worker factor points by visiting this page.