Keeping Canadians safe during the pandemic

All travelers to Canada must use ArriveCan within 72 hours of before their arrival in Canada unless they're exempt for the requirement due to an accessibility need.

How to use ArriveCan to enter Canada

To use ArriveCan:

1. Start by reviewing the terms. After reading the terms of use, you will be able to create an account.

2. You will then be prompted to enter a verification code which was sent to the email address you provided.

3. You will now find yourself on the ArriveCan submission form. From here, you will have several steps to complete that are specific to your situation.

It will only take you roughly 15 minutes to complete all the steps.

Once you have submitted your information through ArriveCan, you will get a receipt that includes:

  • a summary of your travel (border crossing and date of arrival);
  • a list of travelers included in your submission; and
  • a 6-digit confirmation code

You will be required to present this receipt, COVID-19 test results and proof of vaccination (if applicable) to a Canada border services officer when you enter Canada.

You can show a screenshot or printout of this receipt. For additional details and questions about this process, please visit ArriveCan's dedicated page

Congratulations on achieving the last step of the Express Entry process! You are now officially a Canadian permanent resident!

Take a moment to look back at everything you were able to accomplish and savor the moment.

As a new Canadian permanent resident, the next step is planning your new life in Canada.