Do not ask the ECA organization to send your report(s) to IRCC. 

Once you have obtained your ECA report:

1. you will need to refer to the results of your report while creating your Express Entry profile (module 5)

2. you will need to upload copies of your report as part of the application process after receiving an ITA (module 8)


Your ECA report must show that your foreign credential is equivalent to a completed Canadian secondary (high school) or post-secondary credential. If it isn't:

  • you will not meet the education requirement under the Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • you will not receive any points (selection factors and CRS) for your credential

Provided your report shows your educational credential is equal to a completed Canadian educational credential, simply keep your ECA report and original documents close-by so you can refer to this information in the next step of the process (creating your Express Entry profile).

There is no further action required at this time.

If you have followed the course up to this point and obtained the necessary documents covered in the previous modules, it is finally time for you to create your Express Entry profile.